Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow Friday and TGIF (4-27-12)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you had an enjoyable April ... I can't believe that it's May already! Well, I hope that you are able to enjoy the last weekend of the month ... now onto the Friday fun!

Parajunkee asks:

Have you ever had a character that disappointed you? 

The one that comes to mind immediately is Katniss (The Hunger Games). By the last book in the trilogy, she was just so annoying and whiney. I just wanted to slap her and tell her that she was acting like a child!

GReads asks:

Reading Blues: We all get them from time to time. What helps you overcome those reading slumps when nothing seems to grab your attention?

I'm actually going through a bit of a reading slump right now, so what a great question! I just try to ride it out and not push it. The other thing that helps is reading chick lit. For some reason, I can always read that and I don't feel like I'm in a slump.

So, have you ever been disappointed in a character? What do you do when you are going through a reading slump? Let me know, and have a great weekend!


  1. i can see how chick lit would help! They are so breezy!

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  2. Katniss? :O I liked her, though she seemed to be a bit disappointing towards the end of the third book. It was just a sudden ending and her choices and situations didn't help :|

    And reading chick lit's such a good answer! I've said I read other genres, but now that I think about it, I usually pick up chick lit! Haha... :D

  3. Gahhh I know. I was so tired of the books by the time I got through the third one. Great answer :)

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