Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Into Reading Challenge: Question #5

Katrina at Callpidder Days is hosting the Fall Into Reading Challenge. Each week, she posts a different question, and this week's question is:

Do you skim? Or are you faithful to every word?

Great question! For me, I'm faithful to every word ... most of the time. To really understand a book, I feel like you need to actually read it and not just try to pick up the main points. Now, there are times when I skim: if I feel like the author is being repetitive with information, if it's a very lengthy description about something, or if I'm just not into a book that much. I do try to finish every book that I read, but sometimes skimming is the only way to make it through.

So what about you? Do you skim? Or are you faithful to every word?


  1. it depends on how good the book is! i may skim if it's a book i'm not enjoying -- but if it's something I like I will read every single word!!

  2. I'm faithful to every word unless I don't like the book ... and then I skim!