Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Into Reading 2011: Question #2

Fall Into Reading Challenge is hosted by Callapidder Days. Each Wednesday, she will post a different question. This week's question:

How often do you re-read books? What does it take to 
make you re-read?

I reread books every so often. It really depends what kind of mood I am in. A really great book is like an old friend: it's always there for you, whenever you need it. There are times when I just want to reread one of my favorites, to get lost in that story with those characters. It's comforting to return to those books.

For me to reread a book, it has to appeal to me on so many levels. Not only does it need to have a great story, but the characters have to be realistic and people that I can relate to, and the setting amazing and lifelike. If it has these three things, then the chances are high that I will return to it in the future.

What does it take for you to want to reread a book? And how often do you reread those books? Let me know!

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