Friday, October 7, 2011

Book Blog Hop and Follow Friday (10-7-11)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying the October weather ... here in Pittsburgh, the rain has finally gone away and brought back sun and wonderful temperatures! The leaves are gorgeous, the air crisp, and it's absolutely wonderful. Now onto the Friday fun ...

Jen at Crazy For Books asks:

“It’s time to spread some love beyond the borders of the Book Blogger Hop! This week, we aren’t answering a question. We are spotlighting our fellow bloggers. Find your favorite(s) author interview(s), guest post(s), book review(s), or bookish article(s) that ANOTHER BOOK BLOGGER featured on their site recently and tell us why you love it/them! As an additional challenge, find your favorite one of EACH of the categories above and spotlight all 4 (interview, guest post, review, article).”

Well, I definitely won't be able to get all four (my brain is just about done for the week), but I will say that Jessica Lawlor's review of Always Something There to Remind Me had me going to my library's website to request it immediately! Like me, she just discovered audiobooks, so reading her review made me want to try it out. 

Parajunkee asks:

If you could pick one character in a book, movie, or television show to swap places with, who would it be?

From a book, hands down, it would be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. I love who she is as a person, and she ends up Mr. Darcy. From a TV show, it would be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I LOVE her clothes, shoes, handbags, make-up ... her whole life, really. I would love to be Blair!

So, what have you seen around the blogosphere that you liked? And who would you swap places with? Let me know ... and have a great weekend!


  1. Lizzy is a great choice. Although I have read only a few classics, Darcy is one of my favorite heroes.
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  2. Hi. I am a New Follower a new participant for Follow Friday! I love Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth is a great pick=) I chose some characters who are generally book lovers;))

  3. Hi, I'm new to Follow Friday!:)