Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (8-14-12)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week, 
they post a different topic, and you get to create your own top ten list. So, this week's 
topic is:

Romances That You Think Would Make it in the Real World (outside the book)

1) Ron and Hermoine (Harry Potter) - as I was reading the series, I just knew that they were going to end up together. They are perfect for one another!

2) Valentine and Gianluca (Very Valentine series) - at first, I didn't like these two together but they have grown on me as I continue to read this trilogy. There is a bit of an age difference but I think that these two have what it takes to make it.

3) Jane and Rochester (Jane Eyre) - I think this might be my favorite couple from a classic. I love Jane and how independent she is, and Rochester with his secrets. These two would definitely make it in the real world.

4) Emma and Dexer (One Day) - I know that these two would be able to make it in the real world. Maybe because this book spans so much time, it makes it all the more believeable that these two would last.

5) Major and Jasmina (Major Pettigrew's Last Stand) - these are two older characters who have already been married and weathered many hardships in life. I know that they would last in the real world.

6) Chris and Emily (The Pact) - I realize that Emily committed suicide, but if she hadn't, I feel like this is one of those high school couples that would make it after graduation. I could see these two getting married and sharing a life together.

7) Jacob and Marlena (Water For Elephants) - since Jacob is looking back on his life and telling his story and you hear about some of the hardships that he's faced, it makes it easier to imagine this couple in real life, existing outside the book.

Well, those are all the couples I could come up with for this week. Who do you think about make it in the real world? Let me know!


  1. Great list! I can't believe I didn't think of Jane and Rochester. Such a great pair!

  2. I didn't get to 10 either... this was a hard one I thought! anyway I like your list! I'm going to go read your review of One Day to see if I want to read it :)

    My TTT

  3. Awesome picks! I had Ron & Hermione on my list as well. :)