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Audiobook Review: Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Savor the Moment (Bride Quartet #3)
Author: Nora Roberts
Narrator: Angela Dawe
Published: April 27, 2010
Genre: chick lit
Audiobook: 8 discs (approx. 9 hours)
Source: borrowed from the library

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis (from GoodReads): #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac — the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut’s premier wedding planning companies. Laurel McBane has always relied on her friends for support, especially when her dream of attending culinary school was almost ruined by her parents’ financial problems. Now Laurel is repaying the kindness of her friends by creating extravagantly luscious tiers of cakes and other confectionary delights that add the perfect touch to their clients’ weddings. As for romance, Laurel believes in it — in theory. But she’s too low-key to appreciate all the luxuries that other women seem to long for. What she does appreciate is a strong, intelligent man, a man just like Parker’s older brother, Delaney Brown, on whom Laurel has had a mega crush since childhood. But some infatuations last longer than others, and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach. Plus, Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her, or so she thinks. When Laurel’s quick- silver moods get the better of her — leading to an angry, hot, altogether mind-blowing kiss with Del — she’ll have to quiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever…

My Thoughts: I'm really into this series now, which is a good sign since there's only one more book left after this one! In this book, we are back at Vows, a premiere wedding and event venue in Connecticut, run by four best friends. This book focuses on Laurel, the pastry chef at this venue. She has had a rough childhood with parents divorcing and leaving her to choose sides. As an adult, Laurel has always had feelings for Del, Parker's older brother and one of their business partners, but she refused to act on those feelings because of how her parent's divorce affected her. She also realizes that starting something with Del could affect their business and her friendship with Parker, so she leaves him alone, content to see him as an older brother. But one day, she decides to act on her feelings, and the two become an item and grow closer together.

I really loved Laurel and wish that her book had been longer than the others. Mac and Emma (who were featured in the first two books) were nice, but you had no real connection to them. Laurel is a real person, someone who you could imagine knowing in your own life. You understand why she is the way that she is, and you don't fault her for it. Instead, you accept her as she is and hope that she is able to find happiness, whether it be with or without Del. The relationship that they have together is real, too, and didn't feel as forced as it did in the first two books.

My only complaint with this novel (besides wishing it was a little bit longer) was how quickly everything progressed. Sure, the beginning of their relationship dragged out for a bit, but all of a sudden, they are saying "I love you" and Del proposes. Excuse me, but isn't that a bit quick? Call me old fashioned, but I would like a guy to say "I love you" awhile before he pops the question. The ending was just too rushed and left me shaking my head. I knew it was going to happen, because that's how it played out in the first two books, but changing it up a little might have been nice.

There's only one more book left in this series, and although I'm pretty certain I know how it's going to end, I still have to listen to it! This is a good series to pop in the CD player and get lost in for awhile, so I would recommend it if you just want to something to zone out to.

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