Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (2-19-13)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week, 
they post a different topic, and you get to create your own top ten list. So, this week's 
topic is:
Favorite Characters in the Chick Lit Genre
1) Lara Lington (Twenties Girl)- Lara is one of my favorite characters of all time, regardless of genre! She's smart, witty, funny, and just an all-around wonderful person. I loved reading this book and getting to know her as a character (and wishing that Kinsella would write a sequel to this book!)
2) Samantha Sweeny (The Undomestic Goddess) - another Kinsella character making the list! Samantha realizes that her life needs to change, so she makes one! Maybe not for the better, but you have to admire her determination to lead a better life.
3) Valentine Roncalli (Very Valentine series) - I LOVE this series! It's engaging, focuses on one of my favorite things (shoes), and is centered around wonderful storytelling, not a dumb woman. Valentine makes the best decisions, not the ones that allow her to love a man. I love how strong she is and so unlike other leads in chick lit novels.
4) Fiona Bristow (The Search) - I love Fiona because she doesn't let her circumstances define her or the life that she wants to lead. She may have had some bad experiences in her past, but she continues to look on the bright side of things.
5) Emma Tupper (Forgotten) - Catherine McKenzie is such a wonderful author and her leading ladies are so real and relatable. Emma is just like someone I would know (and probably be friends with), but following a horrific accident, must completely rebuild her life from the ground up. It may sound like a depressing novel, but it's not.
6) Annie Adams (The First Husband) - I love Annie because not only does she follow her heart, she is strong. She is a real person, someone who is grounded and realizes that things are complicated, but life continues on around while you try to figure things out. This was a short little novel, but Annie comes across boldly within the first few pages.
7) Meg Koranda (Call Me Irresistible) - Meg is so tough and kick-ass, she should probably have her own TV show. She doesn't care what others think of her, which is refreshing in this genre where so many characters center around preconceived notions of what a woman should be.
8) Tully Hart (Firefly Lane) - this book follows Tully and her bestfriend, Kate, from childhood through motherhood. Tully is a hard woman to love, but as the novel progresses, you really start to root for her. Definitely anxious to read the sequel to this one!
9) Andrea Sachs (The Devil Wears Prada) - I love Andy and how she goes from this girl who has no idea about the fashion to world to someone who not only knows a lot about it, but how to play the game. And anyone who can deal with the worst boss in the world is one of my favorite characters!
10) Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) - the ultimate in chick lit, Elizabeth is headstrong and doesn't need a man. You can't help but love her!
I could really make a top 100 list for this genre! So, what genre did you choose and who made your top 10? Let me know!           


  1. I love your genre choice and that’s a great list of characters. You can't go wrong with Elizabeth Bennet. kelley—the road goes ever ever on