Saturday, December 3, 2011

Audiobook Review: Always Something There to Remind Me by Beth Harbison

Always Something There to Remind Me
Author: Beth Harbison
Published: July 19, 2011
Genre: chick lit
Audiobook: 8 discs
Narrator: Orlagh Cassidy
Source: borrowed from the library

My Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis (from GoodReads): Two decades ago, Erin Edwards was sure she’d already found the love of her life: Nate Lawson. Her first love. The one with whom she shared everything--dreams of the future, of children, plans for forever. The one she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Until one terrible night when Erin made a mistake Nate could not forgive and left her to mourn the relationship she could never forget or get over. Today, Erin is contentedly involved with a phenomenal guy, maneuvering a successful and exciting career, and raising a great daughter all on her own. So why would the name “Nate Lawson” be the first thing to enter her mind when her boyfriend asks her to marry him? In the wake of the proposal, Erin finds herself coming unraveled over the past, and the love she never forgot. The more she tries to ignore it and move on, the more it haunts her.

My Thoughts: After reading Jessica Lawlor's fab review of this audiobook a few weeks ago, it sounded like something that would be right up my alley. I enjoy listening to something that I can zone out to while I drive, and Beth Harbison's novel was just the thing I was looking for. This is your basic chick lit book but it's just so good! I do think that the narrator did a lot for this book because if I had been reading it, I probably would have been bored. The characters aren't anything great but the plot is intriguing. Afterall, who hasn't wondered what ever happend to their first love? Harbison explores that, going back and forth between the present day and the 1980s, when Erin and Nate fall in love as teenagers. This contributed a lot to the story and you really understood these two characters, seeing what they were like when they were younger and where they are now.

You might be wondering why I didn't rate this higher. While it was an enthralling listen, it was just your run-of-the-mill chick lit story. I did enjoy, it was great to zone out to, but not something that I would buy. I will be looking for more Beth Harbison audiobooks in the future, though. If you enjoy audiobooks and are looking for a great chick lit listen, then definitely check this book out!

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  1. I have listed to other books read by Orlagh Cassidy and agree she's great! This book sounds pretty good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.